Liberty Square has always questioned the convention of what an “NFT” Project is. Not (just) a PFP project, we have always believed in the power of being deeply based in Art & Lore. Storytelling. Created as a multi-drop series-based experience, this approach continues to guide us as we expand our world. It will always be this way.
Set in an expansive and mind-bending universe that has been crafted around a rich cast of intriguing characters and immersive storylines, each expansive drop within the series intentionally builds upon the base layers of this universe — introducing new narratives, unveiling storylines, and continuing to build upon the existing lore that will have you questioning what you think you know about Liberty Square, blurring the boundaries of reality and imagination. This is the point.
Our vision is ambitious. It reaches beyond the walls of web3, aiming to establish a vibrant and interactive community that transforms the traditional relationship between media and audience. Liberty Square stands at the crossroads merging art, technology, and community.
We invite you to come along on this extraordinary journey with us, where imagination knows no bounds and the possibilities are as infinite as the digital realm itself. When we began building this project in September of 2021, we did it with the understanding that if we did not believe that we could add value with our efforts, we would burn it to the ground. Since then we have learned many things & we have many things to learn.
We will never burn it to the ground. Ever.